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Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Whether you want a brushed or polished finish, ECon Welding can provide you with a custom stainless steel fabrication with the desired finishing touches. Our quality stainless steel fabrication brings a modern, minimalist, and industrial feel to structures and styles, from V-shaped table bases and H-frame legs to T-shaped bench legs and more. Each stainless steel fabrication is made-to-order to the individual specifications of our customers and are hand finished to ensure a seamless and flawless finish throughout. Our stainless steel fabrication shop is a full-service metal working facility and is properly equipped to efficiently handle any range of jobs, from small single orders to large orders of a hundred or more. In addition, we provide most styles of legs with leveling feet or felt pads, free of charge, to ensure our customers receive the best service and quality products. Contact us with any questions, or call us at 847-865-09957.

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  • Polished Criss Cross Base

    Polished Stainless Criss Cross Table Base

    Starting at $2,300.00
  • il_fullxfull.1048842933_espj

    Polished Stainless T-Shaped Table Legs

    Starting at $1,309.00
  • 20200414_143451

    Polished Stainless Hourglass Style Table Base

    Starting at $2,300.00
  • DSC_1074

    Polished Stainless X-Frame Table Legs

    Starting at $1,094.50
  • 20210910_092510

    Polished Stainless Spider Table Base

    Starting at $2,400.00
  • coffee table baes, contemporary style desk legs, contemporary style table frame

    Polished Stainless Scorpion Table Base

    Starting at $1,960.00
  • il_fullxfull.1353646697_6fj7

    Polished Stainless Tapered Table Legs

    Starting at $1,105.50
  • il_fullxfull.996463195_gyk5

    Polished Stainless Zig Zag Table Legs

    Starting at $1,254.00
  • il_fullxfull.911329297_hjq6

    Polished Stainless Bent Trapezoid Table Legs

    Starting at $1,023.00
  • il_fullxfull.1079034521_9nc9

    Polished Stainless H-Frame Table Legs

    Starting at $1,111.00