Tree Style Metal Table Legs

Starting at $860.00

These farmhouse stylemetal table legs are made-to-order to any size and finish and are suitable for use with stone or wood tops and all size applications


Tree Style Metal Table Legs

These modern metal furniture legs offer a unique twist on traditional metal table legs. The tree pattern in the legs adds a statement piece to your table build. They are an excellent choice for dining tables, kitchen tables, benches, coffee tables, conference tables, desks and just about any other application.

These metal table legs come standard with oblong holes in the top as well as felt pads for floor protection. Built from solid 3/8″ thick steel plate for the tree, and 1/4″ thick steel plate for the base and top plates, these metal table legs will hold the heaviest of tops. These metal table legs are required to be securely mounted to the table top, so they will not work for glass top applications as-is. If you would like to use these legs for a glass top, contact us and we can modify the design to be better suited for glass. The width is measured at the widest point of the legs, and the bottom and top width are identical. The “thickness” or depth of the legs is approximately 1/4 the overall width. Made in the USA, with US sourced steel.

All products undergo extensive quality control checks to ensure your products are made as specified and come free of any defects or sharp edges. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the sizing, details, or applications of these legs.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Us if the size you are looking for is not shown, or if you would like to discuss making something custom. See our Base Sizing Guide for more information on properly sizing your metal table legs for your specific application.