About eCon Welding Custom Table LegsMetalworking for me started out as a garage-based hobby back in 2011. That hobby quickly turned into a side job as neighbors and friends began asking me to make or repair pieces for them, which provided the means for me to finish my schooling as a Mechanical Engineer. ECon Welding & Fabrication was officially formed in 2012.

Mid-2013 I had outgrown my single garage spot shop, and I found my first shop location, which consisted of approximately 600 sq-ft in Wauconda, IL. Almost exactly 1 year later, I moved to my second shop location in Lakemoor, IL with a little over 1,500 sq-ft. I stayed in that shop for about 2.5 years. At this point, I made the bold step to leave a career in Engineering and pursue my dream of operating a metalworking shop. Lakemoor is where the company really started to take form. Gross sales had increased by more than 600% in that time. I had honestly thought I would stay in that Lakemoor location for quite a bit longer, but in June of 2016 I simply didn’t have the space to keep up with the demand of business, so I moved to my third, and current shop location, back to Wauconda, IL with approximately 5,500 sq-ft. In December 2018, we purchased the adjacent unit and doubled our space to a little over 11,000 sq-ft.

I truly believe God has a plan for this company and the people who work here, and despite the success we’ve achieved so far, I don’t attribute any of that to our own works or abilities. The growth and success of this company are 100% a gift from God, and we do our best to recognize this and treat all of our customers with honesty, respect, and integrity. I am also so thankful for my wife, Abby. She has set me straight on so many occasions with such a practical level of common sense that is sometimes overlooked. Her support, patience, and guidance have been invaluable assets to this company as a whole.

As of December 2023, ECon Welding currently employs 13 full-time employees and makes approximately 500 metal table legs and bases per month. Every single one of these table legs is custom-made to your specifications and custom requirements. But more than metal just furniture pieces, ECon Welding also offers a full lineup of general fabrication services including welding of all metals, general machining, finishing, powder coating, graining and polishing, bending, and forming services. In addition to the in-house services, we also work with dozens of other local providers so we can offer completed projects, including glass, wood, acrylic, and other exotic materials. Let us know how we can help you with your next project!



Because we listen. We’ve been making table legs since 2011, and are constantly upgrading, or modifying our equipment and processes to make sure the product we deliver is everything you were expecting and more. Besides the superior construction and quality offered, our table legs also come with certain standards that are not offered by other sellers. Some of these features include: -Oblong holes on all top plates. This is critical for long term use and durability with wood tops. All wood moves with the changing of the seasons. Without room for the wood to expand and contract, the wood will split, bow, or break the screws holding it down. -Adjustability and floor protection. Many sellers offer leveling feet as an add-on that must be purchased. We include leveling feet for free with most styles of legs, and felt pads for all styles that do not work with levelers. No floor is perfectly flat, and wood is constantly moving when wood tops are used. This causes tables to wobble and rock and require frequent shimming of the top to level the table. Leveling feet solve this issue with a quick 5-second adjustment. -Customization. All of our table legs are made to order. We are more than happy to accommodate ANY special requests you would like to make on your order. We are a full-service metal working shop. Anything metal, we can make it.

Custom Table Legs Welding


Machining: Milling and turning with tolerances of +/- 0.005”

Polishing:  We offer in house polishing from raw finish to #4 brushed to #8 mirror finish CNC

Plasma cutting:  We can cut out custom shapes, logos, and pictures up to ¾” thick by 60” W x 120” L


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