Metal Table Legs, Desk Legs, & Bench Legs

Custom Metal Table Legs

ECon Welding & Fabrication brings contemporary and industrial aesthetics to its custom metal table legs for tables, desks, and benches of all kinds. With a collection of styles to choose from, our products are constructed out of top-quality materials made to last that bring a unique, hand-crafted feature to each application. Whether you seek welded steel table legs or custom steel table legs for your bench or coffee table, our products are made-to-order to accommodate individual design and budget requirements, such as dimension, color, and finish. Our highly skilled team of professional metalworkers finishes all our custom metal table and desk legs by hand to ensure product quality and consistency. ECon Welding also offers full fabrication services such as welding, general machining, finishing, graining, and more, and we can offer complete projects that include working with other local vendors. Contact us today with any questions about our welded steel table legs or desk legs or to learn more about our custom orders option.

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