Aquarium Stands

Heavy Duty Custom Metal Aquarium Stands


Here at ECon Welding and Fabrication, we are on a mission to develop and offer superior products as suitable replacements for the mass manufactured garbage currently flooding the market. A custom-made metal aquarium stand was one of the first projects ECon Welding was contracted to build early on as a general fabrication company. Since then, we have developed the design by testing, both through stress analysis simulations and through practical application testing, to come up with a product that will function better than any bolt-together build, last longer than any of the wood or particle board products on the market, and look amazing, consistent with our company-wide quality standards.


Our custom-made, heavy duty metal aquarium stands are fully welded from structural steel. Each order is looked at independently and designed for optimal functionality, keeping as much open space as possible for access to plumbing and equipment, and still maintain a solid structural foundation that will not only hold the weight, but hold the weight of the application without allowing for any deflection in the metal stand.


Our stands can be used for both aquarium and terrarium applications. If you are looking for a design with a little more “flair”, look through our other table base designs seen here for inspiration on a unique design.

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