Current Promotions and Coupons

  • SUMMER – Take $100 off any order of $750 or more from now through the end of July.


  • THANKS15 – As a token of our appreciation for taking interest in our small business, you can use the coupon code THANKS15 to save $15 off your next purchase of any amount.

Check back to see updates on our available promotions and coupon codes available. Coupon codes can not be combined with any other code.


Other Discounts

Military – We offer discounts to any active or retired military personnel. This discount is not a fixed amount, and varies based on the product and details of your order. Please Contact Us for details on this discount. Please be prepared to send us a photo of your military ID.

Pickup – All of our metal table legs and bases ship for free to the continental USA. However, if you are located close to us and are willing to pick up your order, please Contact Us with the details of what you are looking for to see what the discount would be for picking up your order.

Other Shipping Discounts – Larger table legs and metal bases ship via freight carrier. If you have a commercial address with a loading dock or forklift or are interested in picking up your order from a local freight terminal, this can typically get you a $50-$150 discount depending on the details. This does not apply for smaller table legs or bases shipped via UPS.

Bulk Orders and Combined Shipping Discounts – One of the best ways to save money per base is to purchase multiple products in the same transaction. You will receive a “bulk order discount” for purchasing anything more than a single set of legs or more than a single metal table base. These don’t have to be the same product, they don’t even have to be in the same category. You will also receive a “combined shipping discount”. It’s a not a set discount, but usually works out to be pretty close to 10% off for purchasing 2 products, and 15% off for purchasing 3-5 products. Anything 6+ should be custom quoted.


Trade Discounts and Repeat Customer Discounts

Here at ECon Welding, we are a made-to-order manufacturer. Your biggest opportunity to save money is on a bulk/combined order. For one-off orders sold to resellers, we do have small discounts available. Please Contact Us to learn more. We do also provide discounts for repeat customers. This also varies based on the product and the details of the order, but the higher order frequency, of any amount, the greater the discount will be.


Price Matching – We do not claim to be the cheapest supplier of metal table legs and bases, however we do firmly believe we have the most to offer with our products. We are not marking up the price of a product we import from overseas, and you are not paying for simply “the name” with our products. All of our products are handmade here in Wauconda, Illinois. We put a lot of effort and attention to detail in our products, and it definitely shows. The common expression “You get what you pay for” definitely applies here. We offer top notch customer support and all of our products come with a Lifetime ECon Satisfaction Guarantee.

The current market for metal table legs and bases is very saturated with overseas suppliers, with many even claiming their products are made in the United States. California is known for many things, including the development of most of the world’s technology and a convenient location for importing overseas goods, but they are not known for their manufacturing. If a supplier of metal table legs or bases has a physical address located in California, chances are they are selling imported products. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing pricing of products between suppliers.

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