An economical option to finish steel bases. We use Direct-To-Metal (DTM) paint that is specifically formulated for being applied to raw steel products. Please note there is a limited variety of paints that hold up well.





Powder coating in its simplest form can be thought of as a plastic shell that is melted around the metal. There are many different types of powder, but for the most part a powder coated finish offers a smoother, more consistent and uniform finish as well as improved durability, hardness, mar and scratch resistance, UV resistance, and weathering resistance when compared to painted finishes. There are tens of thousands of powder coat colors available. For more information, see our Powder Coating Guide at to read more about powder coating and to determine if it's worth it for your application.

Brushed Stainless Custom table LegsBRUSHED STAINLESS

304 stainless that is brought to a #4 brushed finish. This is not an applied finish, it is uniform “scratches” in the metal that create a grained finish that will never fade, chip, or corrode. Our brushed stainless products match that of typical stainless kitchen appliances and hardware. This is an excellent choice for modern projects.

304 stainless that is brought up to a #8 mirror finishPOLISHED STAINLESS

304 stainless that is brought up to a #8 mirror finish. It matches chrome finishes but offers many advantages over chrome. The stainless is hand sanded for hours with finer and finer grits of sandpaper, then it is buffed and passivated. A polished stainless finish will never chip or flake off like chrome. Damaged areas on a polished stainless product can be re-polished to their original shine. The metal will also never corrode. This is a very labor-intensive finish and provides the most high-end finish option we offer. Contact us to learn more.

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