Brushed Stainless Steel Tube Style Zig Zag Table Legs

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Brushed Stainless Steel Tube Style Zig Zag Table Legs

The Zig Zag style table legs have been a relatively new addition to the styles of metal table legs, but have been maintained as a popular option. Traditionally made from flat bar stock material, these tube style zig zag table legs offer an improvement on rigidity and stability, offering a wider leg profile. These legs are commonly used for dining tables, desks, conference tables, counter islands, and much more. The brushed stainless steel finish will match stainless kitchen appliances or other stainless hardware and fixtures. The geometry of these legs allows them to pair well with just about any geometric accent or contemporary designs.

Sold as a complete set of 2 legs

These brushed stainless steel table legs will work with wood tops or stone tops with a plywood backing. They can be made from a variety of different tubing sizes depending on how prominent you want the base to look. Larger tubing sizes also offer more strength and stability to the table. These come standard with slotted mounting holes in the top plate as well as felt-tipped leveling feet. Made with pride here in the USA!

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