Metal Fish Tank and Aquarium Stand

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Heavy duty custom metal aquarium  stand | Works for 75, 100, 125, and 250 gallon tanks and more! | Buy now for free shipping!


Metal Fish Tank and Aquarium Stand

This heavy duty metal aquarium stand is built to last and is made entirely from USA made structural steel, and is hand welded here in our Wauconda, IL shop. These metal aquarium stands are designed, and made to prevent interference of the pumps, and any other components placed inside the frame, yet still offering the tank plenty of support. The stands are not just made to hold the weight of the tank, but to hold the weight without deflecting more than 1/16″ over an 8′ span. Metal stands offer significantly superior qualities compared to wood stands, as wood can swell, warp, sag, and eventually fail after prolonged exposure to moisture.


All of our aquarium stand builds are run through a structural analysis program to predict how the stand will handle the weight to ensure the stand will be suitable for your application. Wall thickness and material size are based off the size of the tank as well as the dimensions of the stand. Please rest assured, these stands will hold the weight of your tank! These metal fish tank stands are commonly used on 55 gallon, 75 gallon, 125 gallon, and 250 gallon tanks, however we have many of these stands currently in use, several holding up 600+ gallon tanks.


Smaller aquarium stands will ship via UPS, larger stands will ship via freight carrier.

If you have any custom requests or specific requirements for your application, please contact us prior to placing the order.