Bent Tapered Trapezoid Style Metal Table Legs

Starting at $245.00

These traditional metal table legs are custom made to any size and finish, and work on wood tops or stone tops with plywood at all size configurations



Bent Tapered Trapezoid Style Metal Table Legs

These table legs are an excellent choice for wood tops, or stone tops with a plywood underlayment. These legs can be used for dining tables, coffee tables, benches, desks, conference tables, and more! Each leg is handmade to order to the specific dimensions you specify. These Tapered Trapezoid Style legs offer a timeless metal accent to any build. These legs are very universal in their aesthetics and function and can be used for just about any application.

This listing is for a complete set of 2 legs.

Our unique fabrication abilities allow us to take a single bar of metal, and wrap it around in a full loop to create these legs, offering a stronger, and more rounded build than other options composed of multiple pieces of metal welded together. These metal table legs are made from grade A36 structural steel, and are fully welded and ground seamless for a high end, custom-made look. The legs come standard with felt pads for floor protection and pre-drilled holes for mounting to the table top.

**MATERIAL SIZE SELECTION – Please note the material size selection for these legs plays a bigger role in the functionality of these legs than many of our other products. Too small of a material size will cause the legs to flex under the weight of the top, causing the whole table top wobble. 1/4″ thick material sizes can be used for coffee tables, side tables, or any accent table where rigidity is not important. 3/8″ thick material should be used for benches or dining tables up to 150 pounds. 1/2″ thick material should be used for any application where you want the legs to have a more prominent look to them, or for anything taller than dining height or for tops heavier than 150 pounds.

All products undergo extensive quality control checks to ensure your products are made as specified and come free of any defects or sharp edges. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the sizing, details, or applications of these legs or see our Base Sizing Guide for additional information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Us if the size you are looking for is not shown, or if you would like to discuss making something custom.