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Custom Stainless Steel Table Legs

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Econ Welding & Fabrication offers custom stainless steel table legs as well as bed frames, aquarium stands, and more! Starting as a garage-based hobby in 2011, our business has grown into a premier metalworking shop in Wauconda as we respond to the growing demand for custom-made stainless steel table legs and bases. Whether you want a polished or brushed finish, ECon Welding & Fabrication can provide you with custom stainless steel table legs, complete with your desired finishing touches. Every stainless steel fabrication is custom-made to the exact specifications of our customers, always take the time to hand-finish every item to ensure that it is flawless throughout. The team here at ECon Welding & Fabrication is ready to take on any custom stainless steel legs project you have to give you that high-quality product you are looking for.

Why Stainless Steel Table Legs from ECon Welding?

There are no cutting corners here at ECon Welding & Fabrication! We are proud of our “extreme attention to detail” that allows us to create and provide high-quality, hand-crafted stainless steel table legs and bases that are built to last for many generations. Our product may not be the cheapest that you will find on the market, but you will be given a finished product with a guarantee that you are getting the highest level of craftsmanship. Each of our stainless steel table legs orders is built while taking into account the expansion and contraction of wood tabletops, leveling issues, floor protection, and more. Certainly not what you will get from just any fabricator!

In addition to our attention to detail, as we create high-quality stainless steel table legs like no other, we also offer fantastic customer service that extends beyond the point of sale. If you have any questions or concerns about your product, please contact us so we can make it right! That is a guarantee! If you would like any recommendations or opinions on installation instructions, design, and color choices, or application advice, we are happy to help!


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