Popular Table Leg Design Styles

Creating and customizing furniture often makes people pause once they get into the smaller details. The design of table legs isn’t something that most people consciously think about until the time comes when they wish to design a table for themselves or find a table that matches their design aesthetic. A table leg’s design can actually say quite a bit about the design of the table as a whole and the entire room. We’ll show you a few popular table leg design styles you need to know about if you want to customize your own furniture in a specific way.

Cabriole Table Legs

Cabriole legs are a more decorative choice that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. These table legs have a high-set knee that strongly curves outward, then flows into an ankle that curves inward instead. Cabriole table legs usually have more decorative feet as well. These legs are common in “claw-foot” furniture, and they add a sense of regal style or elegance to a piece of furniture, whatever it might be.

Marlborough Table Legs

Marlborough legs are a popular table leg design style to know about because of their simplicity and customization options. At their most basic, Marlborough legs are square and straight, and they tend toward the thicker side. While they can be very simple if you want them to be, you might also find Marlborough table legs with intricate carvings that make them really stand out.

Saber Table Legs

If you’re familiar with the bladed weapon called the saber, you already have an idea about these legs’ shape. They’re concave legs that slightly flare out into a gentle curve, the curve being the origin of these legs’ name. The saber leg has a little more style than a simple straight leg, and it has been around for a while because of its timeless appearance and feel. They look good whether they’re on new furniture or antiques.

Fluted Table Legs

Fluted legs refer to straight table legs with vertical designs, such as long grooves or channels, carved or engraved into them. Many people believe this style of table leg came from trying to replicate the look of large columns of stone from ancient Greece. On the other end of the spectrum are reeded legs, which are similar but have grooves or channels raised up rather than carved.

U-Shaped Table Legs

Due to its much more modern take on table legs, the U-shaped table leg is for the furniture design that offers a more subtle approach. U-shaped legs appear exactly how you imagine, except they don’t usually have a curved bottom; they look like a square or rectangle with an open top. U-shaped table legs are an excellent choice for stability in tables that will have very heavy tops on them.

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