Polished vs Brushed Stainless Steel

Every home has a style because it directly reflects your personality or certain characteristics for a period of time. As an owner, you get to choose and decorate your home however you like, and with new trends developing every year, you have plenty of options to pick from. Thinking about your needs and what works best for your home will create an understanding of elements and special qualities.

Adding or complementing your home with metal details will transform your space while adding functionality benefits. If you are considering using stainless steel, you can choose from options, especially between the two finishes. Learning the difference between polished and brushed stainless steel will give you the necessary information to make the best decision.

Polished Stainless Steel

As the name suggests, polished stainless steel is flat, shiny, and smooth and will enhance your home’s clean appearance. Depending on the type of usage you will get to where you want to have polished stainless steel, you could enjoy great benefits, from cleaning to visual appeal. Most kitchen appliances come with this finish, so you can clearly see what these elements look like.

Polished stainless steel is ideal for countertops, kitchen sinks, tables, and wall covers. This finish makes cleaning very simple and easy because you can remove stains and dirt quickly without any problem. It’s resistant to water and requires little maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning. You can take advantage of these characteristics, especially when you have kids at home.

Brushed Stainless Steel

Friction creates this type of stainless steel that removes most of its natural shine and makes the surface rugged and texturized. This look works perfectly as visually attractive, creating a more attractive finish when you use it for decorations or focus points. You can find brushed stainless steel mostly in tables and decorative items; simply by looking at it, you can perceive a unique and interesting look.

The finish on this type of steel is best kept from constant use because the lines from the brushing procedure keep smaller particles stuck inside if not constantly cleaned. The lines are not deep but tend to keep stains and watermarks for longer because of their nature. Choosing the right options depends on your interest, usage, and time management.

Practical Uses

When thinking about which finish of stainless steel to get for your home, you must think about the endless possibilities of each type. Use and functionality are two main characteristics that determine whether you should use one or the other, but it all depends on where you want it.

A clever way to use either one of these is on stainless steel table legs, as they provide the same level of resistance with great functionality but a different view. You can subtly transform a space with details that will make a big difference. Adding unique touches of steel to your home will elevate the look of a room and make it a more pleasant experience.

Industrial Look

A trendy way of using stainless steel is by transforming your space into an industrial space style. Other elements that you need to consider are brick, wood, and metal fixtures. An industrial look makes it easier to implement stainless steel elements, so you don’t have to overthink them. A simple transformation will elevate your space, giving you the opportunity to update it.

You don’t need extreme industrial elements; if you prefer to keep the style more subtle, you can always only add stainless steel to areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. The items for these areas of your house commonly use steel because they are resistant to water and humidity, as well as being easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Characteristics

Aside from the visual effects and feeling of the two different finishes, the main characteristics of steel make it a unique material. It is highly resistant to corrosion and very simple to clean. This material is ideal for kitchens because it can resist high temperatures without suffering from damage. Most restaurants have stainless steel throughout their kitchens because it’s clean, safe, and resistant.

Its versatility allows different products to exist, and its malleability can produce large items and smaller details. The production time is short, so you can get any product you want in a timely fashion. Choosing stainless steel will bring special characteristics to your home while saving you time and money. The process of stainless steel appears, uplifts, and naturally enhances some of these characteristics.

Steel Classifications

There are various classifications for steel depending on the number of elements used to create a special type. Depending on usage, some are better suited than others. Even with similar characteristics, some offer better optimizations for usage.

  • Ferritic Steel—This type is mainly used in the automotive industry for car components and home furnaces.
  • Austenitic Steel—The most common type of steel used for textiles, medical equipment, house decorations, and food preparation.
  • Martensitic Steel—This is another common type found in kitchenware, engines, knives, and screws.
  • Duplex Steel—This is a more complex type used mainly for construction, transportation, and desalination plants.

Commercial steel for everyday items is easy to find and apply to areas like home spaces, decorations, and patio furniture. Some companies provide you with the opportunity to incorporate elements into your daily life, from details like table legs to bed frames.

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to environmentally friendly materials, steel is at the top of the list. There are no differences between brushed and polished stainless steel because both are eligible for recycling. Every element and detail, from screws to large kitchen counters, has properties that allow it to go to the process plant and become a new and fresh item.

Reusing materials, especially recycled ones, adds a special value to every product. Working with metals and materials that melt only at high temperatures is risky, but decreasing the over-exploitation of mines and minerals has no comparison.

Plenty of benefits come with using products made with stainless steel, and whether it’s brushed or polished, steel can make your life easier and upgrade your home. Finding what you need from the experts will allow you to implement anything you want with the help and guidance of professionals.

The Difference Between Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel

Cleaning Products Not to Use on Stainless Steel

Cleaning is essential to prevent health problems and make everything look nice and fresh, especially at home. Cleaning products have different properties that focus on detailing various objects, some of which could cause damage.

Learning to take care of certain objects like furniture or kitchen appliances is essential to ensure functionality and extend a product’s lifespan. There are various cleaning products you should never use on stainless steel to optimize and avoid problems with these products.

Steel Wool Balls

Steel wool is the perfect object to deep clean some products and remove stains left from different liquids like oil and grease because of its strong and durable qualities. Steel is a resistant metal, but it is easy to scratch and damage with the wrong products; steel wool balls will leave marks all over your stainless steel that are almost impossible to remove.

Abrasive Solutions

Some liquids can damage and weaken your stainless steel products, especially when they contain abrasive solutions. Quartz, marble, and sometimes even volcanic ash come in cleaning products to remove any stains or contaminants in your space. Scrubbing powders are another example of abrasive solutions that immediately damage stainless steel.

Chlorine Products

Cleaners for everyday processes normally contain chlorine because it is an effective and quick way of getting rid of viruses and bacteria that could cause sickness. Chlorine is the best cleaner for floors. When you mix it with an ambiance refresher, your home will look and smell clean for days. Be careful when cleaning around your furniture, especially the ones with brushed stainless steel legs, because you could mildly damage them, taking away their shine.

Glass Cleaners

This is the perfect example of a product that only works well with specific materials like glass. Glass cleaner is a product you should never use on stainless steel; it will leave your mirrors and windows looking new but will damage your stainless steel and leave dark stains. Some products might seem harmless, and the damage they produce is neither outstanding nor pleasant.

Salty Water

Depending on the area and state where you live, the water could contain high levels of sodium, damaging your stainless steel. Stainless steel is very resistant, that’s why many kitchen sinks are made with this material. However, stainless steel sinks will permanently stain if not cleaned properly. The best way to clean a kitchen sink is with a specialized stainless steel solution.

How to Use More Stainless Steel in Your Home

Your home and how you use your space reflect your personality, creating an area where you can enjoy some of the best moments. But that space needs to come with great decorations. There are many ways you can translate your style into physical objects that reflect more of who you are, especially if you like keeping up with current trends and materials.

These tips for using more stainless steel in your home décor will give you the information you need to try new and current elements. People generally relate stainless steel with an industrial look, but this is not the case; you can achieve different looks with the right items.

Wall Sheets

Creating a contemporary look in your home with current trends is simpler when you don’t have to get stuck with a decision forever. Wall sheets are the perfect option to transform a space with simple details; wall sheets come in different sizes to cover specific areas of your house. These sheets are removable but stay firmly attached to the walls without problems.

Use Small Elements

If you are unsure how much stainless steel you want to use, you can start with something small. Changing elements in your kitchen or bathroom, like hardware, knobs, or even appliances will give you a feel of what things would look like. Instead of using a regular backsplash, install a small stainless steel sheet or add steel towel hangers to your bathrooms.

Furniture Details

Incorporating details into existing elements is a quick and simple way to transform a space without overwhelming it. You can add stainless table legs to a wooden top to convert a piece of furniture into something unique. Smaller elements mixed with fabrics and softer materials will elevate the look of your room with a new view and functionality.

Steel Spray Paint

A trick to using more stainless steel in your home décor is painting smaller items like candlesticks or vases with shiny steel spray paint. This technique will allow you to decide which elements to use and simply transform them with just a can of paint. Spray paint is an effective way to add color, and its versatility also combines traditional methods with new possibilities.

Light Fixtures

Light is essential to any home, so why not make it extra special with the right elements? Stainless steel metal fixtures work perfectly for interiors and exteriors; using both can bring cohesiveness to your home. This is a safe way to incorporate certain elements that will noticeably transform your space, day and night.

Design Your Contemporary Style Home

Getting the right elements in your house will immediately transform its look and feel. There are simple ways you can complement the style you already have with simple features to enhance the reflection of your personality. To make your space trendier and more modern, here’s everything you need to design a contemporary-style home from which you can take inspiration. Play with different elements to achieve your desired look and stay true to your personality.

Keep It Minimum

When you have a blank canvas, you can draw anything to reflect your style and get a message across; the same happens with the space in your home. To achieve a contemporary look, you must have elements that will blend and match current trends, which means including a few pieces that will open those possibilities.

The right items are timeless and clean, with neutral colors that go well with almost everything. You can replace certain decorations constantly, usually, small ones like paintings or vases, but big elements must be versatile to help achieve a certain look.

Metal fixtures are small detail that gives your home a unique style inside and out. There are plenty of alloys you can choose from, especially ones that will let you match your furniture and home decorations.

Stylish Furniture

metal finishings, stylish table frames, design a contemporary style homeSome of the most important elements for a contemporary look are the pieces of furniture around your house. It is unnecessary to replace every item you own to change the style; instead, upgrade what you have with different elements, especially metal.

Welded steel table legs are the perfect option for desks, tables, and even beds to uplift the look and provide useful and comfortable details. You can choose different options, from custom-made pieces to the most popular supports that will give your home an expensive and unique look.

Good Lighting

Lighting is an essential feature inside every contemporary home. Dimmers allow you to quickly change the mood of a room. Track lights are a versatile option that provides enough lighting in a space with unique designs to match any interior.

Use Textiles

Textiles will bring a unique look to your home, from curtains to rogues and even bed sheets. Choose neutral colors with patterns to give extra details to a space without overwhelming the room. To design a contemporary style home, you must keep up with current trends, apply them wisely, and develop a personal style that adjusts to constant change. Textiles are a great way to convert a space with simple items available everywhere.

ECon Welding & Fabrication is a custom furniture welding shop that produces custom table legs for custom design contemporary style tables. If you are creating a custom contemporary-style table and need custom table legs or bases, please take a moment to browse our store.

You can also complete the form provided below to send us images of your tabletop and/or images of the space you wish to design for.

Industrial-Style Interior Design

Creating a space where you feel comfortable that reflects your personality and covers your needs has no comparison, which could ultimately transform your living area. Interior design has many different phases, and throughout history, new movements appear to transform simple decorations into a lifestyle.

If you are planning a remodel or want to try something new, you need to know about industrial interior design to expand your knowledge and possibilities. People relate industrial to warehouses, but for home design, some elements like metals and colors could create a completely different experience.

Historical Background

Industrial décor made its first appearance in empty warehouses that had to deal with a need for space and housing. After the Industrial Revolution, many buildings were left empty, with plenty of room to transform these empty industrial giants into apartments. Not a lot changed, except for installing interior walls to divide up the space and fitting the space with utilities and services to make it functional.

Industrial design stayed, and people gradually learned to live with it and love it, which soon became a part of their personal design style. Gaining popularity because of the uniqueness of the details, the industrial design kept growing and taking over more spaces and attracting new fans.

Main Characteristics

There are specific details that are common to industrial design; by adding some of these, you can transform a space into an industrial showcase with a mix of characteristics. Some of the basic design elements include color choices, textures, materials, and accessories.

Colors reflect the history of an era and the materials involved. The colors representing industrial characteristics are brown, gray, black, and white. Neutral colors found in nature can easily match and complement each other without changing them.

Textured walls hearken back to nature as well, featuring natural elements like wood or stone, which offer a soothing contrast to industrial fixtures. Metal, wood, stone, and their attendant colors harmonize perfectly. Stone boasts different shades of gray, gold, and tan that will add depth and light to a wall, while wood’s deep brown shades echo the forest.

Materials like metals and wood define functionality with quality. These materials were in common use during the Industrial Revolution because they provided reliable quality, ideal for heavy-duty work. Characteristics like rust and holes inherent in these materials are not flaws but rather desirable nuances.

Incorporating Details

Introducing new details into an existing style is simple when the details complement the existing ones. If you have a modern-style home, you can add details to existing elements to change the look or enhance function. Features like dining room tables or desks will benefit from custom metal table legs because they will add smart details that are noticeable but not overpowering.

Metal details are important to bring an industrial vision and feel to life because it’s a component that defines the industrial era. You don’t have to turn your home into a warehouse; you simply need to incorporate details like metal linings or metal light fixtures to add an elegant touch without transforming the whole space.

Other elements that are more subtle and versatile are metal headboards and bed frames. You can go for a traditional look with rounded shapes painted white, but you can expand wherever your imagination takes you. Custom metal bed frames and headboards give you a wide range of options when working on your vision, easily attainable with the help of professionals.

Use of Wood

Using wood in strategic places like ceilings and walls will optimize your space’s look without tearing down walls. You can add elements like beams that do not necessarily need to support anything; they serve only as decoration but will create the illusion of support.

Wooden furniture is common across many design styles, but when added to the other elements mentioned here, wood will elevate the industrial look you are trying to achieve. Using woods with different shades of brown and gray is also popular. You don’t need to have every tone match; leave the natural wood color for a more rustic look.

Exposed Pipes

For some, this might seem like an unfinished job, but the truth is that it will give your home a unique look as long as those pipes are strategically placed. Depending on what you want, you can paint the pipes black to keep them all uniform, or you can also keep the pipes unfinished to create an eye-catching highly industrialized look. You can find different sizes and styles of pipes and play with their proportions and locations.

Light Fixtures

Hanging metal light fixtures are the best elements to achieve an industrial look. Think of mining lanterns and the type of lights used in warehouses and translate them into elegant items by keeping the essence and colors but playing around with unusual finishes and bulb choices. This is an important detail to know about industrial interior design if you want to maintain subtle but characteristic elements.

If you want to make a bigger statement, you can find big metal chandeliers with pendant lights that deliver illumination that is both modern and sophisticated.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can look sleek and mod or practical and functional, depending on whether you opt for neutral colors, glazed effects, flecks of reflective zinc, or a thousand other elements that make a home look inspiring. This type of floor will not only give you an industrial look, but they are also easy to clean, resistant to damage, and versatile. It is an inexpensive option, unlike wooden floors, which also require much maintenance.

You can pair concrete flooring with bamboo floor coverings or soft rugs; they will protect the floor from metal table legs.

Open Space

Warehouses are big open spaces, especially industrial ones. An open floor plan or loft-style setup makes it easy to incorporate many different elements to achieve that wide-open look. Colors, textures, and furnishings really pop and draw the eye in an open floor plan. If you want to transform your space completely, you must knock down some walls, but this is not for everyone!

Having an already open space will allow you to enhance your home with chic, modern, industrial décor. An industrial style presents a big personality, and you need to make sure that it is what speaks to you.

You can add different touches to your house and gradually incorporate more, depending on how you feel and react to what you already have. Industrial interior design gives you a playground to experiment with, and having the right elements will enhance your own personal style. If you’re looking for more help with your industrial interior design, give ECon Welding a call.

Industrial Interior Design, home interior design

Why Purchase Metal Furniture?

When choosing furniture, you have many different materials and styles to select from, but not all of them have the same features. To create a unique space with one-of-a-kind pieces, you can rely on certain materials, especially metal. The benefits of purchasing metal furniture will allow you to enhance the style of your home while saving money and decreasing the amount of time you spend cleaning. Learn more about this type of furniture and transform your home into something special.


Metal will last very long because of its strength and durability when kept in the right conditions. Using metal on your furniture or getting pieces entirely made of this material means you won’t have to worry about constant repairs or switching elements for some time. You can enjoy many years of comfort and style with the proper minimum care.

Easy To Maintain

There are special cleaning products on the market for different types of materials. Wood requires a special cleaner that will prevent the material from rotting, but metal is simpler. You can use a wet cloth at least once a week to clean your furniture’s metal parts and prevent dust from accumulating.

More Versatility

Metal allows different projects and details to be successful because of how versatile this material is. Professionals in custom metal furniture fabrication know how to manipulate and transform this material to make unique pieces. Custom-made furniture like tables, dining table legs, and even bed frames will enhance the style of your home.


It is not uncommon for various pests to appear inside your house, depending on the area and weather conditions where you live. One of the greatest benefits of metal furniture is that you don’t have to worry about pests attacking and damaging your belongings. Other materials, such as wood, suffer these attacks constantly, but metal is impervious to most pests.

Match Home Décor

If you can switch out certain elements of your metal furniture, such as fabrics or tabletops, you can adjust the piece to match your home décor. You can also paint metal with different techniques, such as using oil-based paints or sprays to transform the color and style of a certain element. Metal is timeless, so you can always adjust and add details to make it feel current.

Update Your Home Office Furniture

Spending a lot of time in one place can sometimes get monotonous, especially if you work from home. Changing details and elements is a beneficial way to switch the mood of a room and increase your productivity. These five ways to update your home office furniture are practical tips that you can use to transform a space so that it reflects your style and helps you feel comfortable while working.

New Paint

A simple and effective way to completely transform a piece of furniture is with paint. Different colors come into fashion every year; if you like keeping up with what’s trendy, choose the year’s most popular paints to reflect your style and switch up the colors in the room.

Painting old furniture will also expand its lifespan, especially if it’s wood. This material is easy to sand and paint, making this project an excellent weekend craft to work on.

Add Wax

With time and use, some pieces of furniture could start looking a little worn out. Waxing old or even new pieces of furniture will give them a unique shine and a coating that will protect them from other elements like dust and stains.

Waxing furniture is a simple process. If you use a suitable material, you can spruce up the furniture without modifying its color, making it bright and enhancing the view of the room.

Change the Base

For pieces like desks, tables, or bookshelves, you can switch out the old legs for new ones, using a different type of wood or metal to make it stand out. If you want a more contemporary look in your furniture, a custom-made steel base will do a fantastic job.

A great way to update your desk is with welded steel table legs. Adding an element of metal to the room will make it stylish and trendy.

Replace the Hardware

Little details like the handles to open a drawer could make a big difference. These little parts of the furniture are essential, and sometimes they’re pushed to the background. Switch the handles to a stronger material that fits the rest of the desk; this will give you a better grip on things.

Add New Functions

If you are trying to update your furniture by altering more than just its color and style, consider what would make your home office hours more productive. To update your home office furniture, add a footrest under your desk or buy a custom-made desk chair that better accommodates your needs.

Clean & Maintain Your Custom Metal Furniture

To maintain any type of furniture, it is necessary to follow certain steps for better results. With metal furniture, there is no difference except that you want the metal to look shiny and new for the most part. Making sure that you know the proper techniques and tips will turn cleaning and maintaining your custom metal furniture into an easy feat.

From wood to plastic, there are many different types of materials that you can choose from for your furniture, but metal will give you and your home a unique satisfaction that will provide style and personality. Extend your furniture life with these tips and avoid the costs of replacing some items.

Wipe Down the Metal

An easy everyday task is to wipe down your metal furniture to avoid dust accumulation, which is a big enemy of metal. This task doesn’t take much time, and it will benefit your house in both the short and long term. You can use a wet cloth for this or a brush, and make sure to always go from the top part down to avoid scratching the metal. If you follow these steps, the dust will fall right to the ground, and you can then clean it up.

Avoid Certain Products

Even though metal is a very strong and resistant metal, there are certain products that you should avoid that cause metal to deteriorate quickly. Acids, detergents, and even large amounts of water can cause some problems long term.

Corrosion is one of the main problems with metals, this happens as the result of chemical reactions between metal’s properties and other materials. You’ll need a wet cloth to ensure that your furniture stays fresh and clean.

Keep Them Dry

If your furniture gets wet or you live in an area with a lot of humidity, this could damage the metal on your furniture. Humidity is silent and deadly for metal, so make sure to keep it inside and dry as much as possible. This will prevent mold from appearing and taking over your items.

AC is a good way to keep your items dry and fresh. If you have plants near your furniture that sometimes leak water after you water them, make sure to move them somewhere else to avoid damage. Outdoor furniture has a different creating process, as it is more about managing the exterior than about bringing comfort and style.

Take Care of Rust

With time, rust will appear inevitable because it is a part of metals. Whenever you see rust developing, usually where metal intersects or where it touches other elements, scrub the area to remove it and stop it from spreading. If your furniture has paint over the metal, you can scrub the rust and then apply another coat of paint directly to that spot to make it look even.

Maintenance Checks

When you clean and wipe down your metal furniture, you can add a coat of liquid or paste wax to protect the metal in an organic way, so you can’t tell there is something over it. This will create a protective film that will avoid even dust from accumulating and damaging the metal.

Sometimes accidents will happen, especially when moving furniture around, as you could hit a side of the metal and chip it. Therefore, you should that everything is in optimal condition after you move your items around.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Whenever you get a custom metal furniture fabrication company to design and create your vision, they will provide you with information on the best practices to take care of your furniture. The vast variety of different options, like bed frames, dining room table legs, table pedestals, and more, all require a specific method of maintenance and care.

Some are more resistant depending on the amount of metal, and some require less attention. Either way, ask your supplier to provide you with maintenance best practices to ensure the long life and duration of your metal furniture.

Watch the Sunlight

When you expose metal and other materials to sunlight for long periods, they will slowly begin fading and losing some color. If your furniture gets a lot of sunlight, it is important to monitor the progression of color in the areas hit directly by the sun. It’s a good idea to move furniture around every once in a while to avoid the sun from hitting just one spot.

Flat Surface

Metal tends to bend with amounts of pressure. If you place your furniture on uneven floors or place something heavy on top, you need to check that the metal parts are not shifting or bending to avoid problems. Always keep your furniture on a sturdy flat surface on the floor, as having half a table over a rouge and half over the floor could sometimes cause some imbalances that weaken the metal.

Powder Coat

You can maintain your metal furniture with a powder coating, as this will prevent any debris and dirt from accumulating and protect it from sunlight. The only downside is that if it comes in contact with a lot of water or humidity, it will rust quicker than if it didn’t have the powder coating. So if you live somewhere dry and avoid anything other than a wet cloth, then this is a good option for you.

Order Quality

In general, metals are resistant and strong, but there are also different types of metals with different properties. Getting your furniture from a certified company with experience and knowledge is the best way to maintain your custom metal furniture. Higher-quality metals will last longer, especially the ones that are best for furniture, and specifically, items that get a lot of use.

Whenever you start shopping for custom-made furniture, make sure to ask for a catalog of items, and always read the reviews from each place or website. Experience and good work will always provide you with an added value that gives you the confidence to put your vision into someone’s hands.

Custom-made metal furniture has a unique style and function that will elevate the appeal of your home. This is a great way to reflect your personality, and taking care of your furniture will create a better experience for you and your family.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Custom Metal Furniture

Importance of Bedframes

Sleep is essential, and it will dictate what kind of day you have. Bedframes provide many benefits. They aren’t just stylish—they also give the support you need in different places. Here is everything you need to know about why bedframes are important so you can decide which style will fit your needs.

Mattress Support

The main use for a bed frame is the support that it gives a mattress. Laying your mattress on the ground is not enough. A bed frame provides strategic support in pressure points that better distribute the weight when you sleep. It also allows for a constant airflow under your mattress that will prevent any problems like mold or humidity.

Different Features

Bed frames have different features, like adjustable height, leg and back support, and even vibrations. With traditional bed frames, you can use the extra space between the mattress and the floor for storage. Some frames also come with different leg sizes that provide more room under the mattress. This is useful because getting off the bed is easier when the bed rests high.

Look and Style

A bed frame will add a unique and stylish look to your bedroom. You can get a custom-made bed frame that will specifically address the details you need to bring your vision to life. The best way to achieve a modern and functional look is with a welded steel bed frame. They provide a unique look you can transform if needed, and the material will last a long time.

Avoid Pests

An important reason you need a bed frame is to avoid unwanted guests like insects, bugs, and even rodents that come when your mattress lies on the ground. The extra space in between is also useful for other things like air fresheners and will keep the space open for easier cleaning.

Protect Your Mattress

Ideally, you want your mattress to last you for a long time. A bed frame will keep it fresh and clean off the ground, increasing its life span. Bed frames also keep your mattress from shifting and moving, which could cause scratches on your floor.

Metal or Wood for Dining Furniture

If you plan on redecorating or updating your dining room, there are certain things you need to take into consideration before deciding on which elements to use. Choosing metal over wood for your dining room furniture provides more benefits and options on top of elegance. You can also combine both to create unique pieces that will elevate your space.

Resistance and Durability

Because of its natural properties, metal is stronger and easier to maintain. Choosing metal for your dining room furniture will ensure that you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing or fixing elements in the room. You can clean metal with a wet cloth and not worry about deep unremovable stains, which you might find when you spill grease or wine on wood tabletops.

More Style Options

If you are looking for great style and possibilities, metal is the best material for your furniture. On top of being a resistant material, you can create unique and exciting designs with metal. Making your dining room look more luxurious and memorable will only take adding a metal trestle table base to keep all the focus on your table. Other options like metal details on chairs and light fixtures will make all the difference.

Free of Pests

It is more common for wood furniture to have small insects and bugs living inside it. Depending on where you live, wood is the perfect place for pests to live, creating problems for your household. Metal, on the contrary, will keep a fresh and pest-free environment that will make it easier to detect any irregularities and provide satisfaction like no other.

More Affordable

A great benefit of choosing metal instead of wood for your dining room furniture is that metal goods are more affordable than wood. There are only a few types of wood used to make tables because they need to be resistant. Some are difficult to find and handle, which can get quite expensive. All metals have the same basic properties; you can choose from different types to suit your needs.

Easy to Fix

The strength of metal will hardly allow it to break, and fixing it is no major problem if it does for some reason. Adding new metal parts or removing parts is simple, especially if an expert is in charge, but wood is a little more complicated; once a piece breaks, you will need to replace the whole table.

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