Cleaning Products Not to Use on Stainless Steel

Cleaning is essential to prevent health problems and make everything look nice and fresh, especially at home. Cleaning products have different properties that focus on detailing various objects, some of which could cause damage.

Learning to take care of certain objects like furniture or kitchen appliances is essential to ensure functionality and extend a product’s lifespan. There are various cleaning products you should never use on stainless steel to optimize and avoid problems with these products.

Steel Wool Balls

Steel wool is the perfect object to deep clean some products and remove stains left from different liquids like oil and grease because of its strong and durable qualities. Steel is a resistant metal, but it is easy to scratch and damage with the wrong products; steel wool balls will leave marks all over your stainless steel that are almost impossible to remove.

Abrasive Solutions

Some liquids can damage and weaken your stainless steel products, especially when they contain abrasive solutions. Quartz, marble, and sometimes even volcanic ash come in cleaning products to remove any stains or contaminants in your space. Scrubbing powders are another example of abrasive solutions that immediately damage stainless steel.

Chlorine Products

Cleaners for everyday processes normally contain chlorine because it is an effective and quick way of getting rid of viruses and bacteria that could cause sickness. Chlorine is the best cleaner for floors. When you mix it with an ambiance refresher, your home will look and smell clean for days. Be careful when cleaning around your furniture, especially the ones with brushed stainless steel legs, because you could mildly damage them, taking away their shine.

Glass Cleaners

This is the perfect example of a product that only works well with specific materials like glass. Glass cleaner is a product you should never use on stainless steel; it will leave your mirrors and windows looking new but will damage your stainless steel and leave dark stains. Some products might seem harmless, and the damage they produce is neither outstanding nor pleasant.

Salty Water

Depending on the area and state where you live, the water could contain high levels of sodium, damaging your stainless steel. Stainless steel is very resistant, that’s why many kitchen sinks are made with this material. However, stainless steel sinks will permanently stain if not cleaned properly. The best way to clean a kitchen sink is with a specialized stainless steel solution.

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