Clean & Maintain Your Custom Metal Furniture

To maintain any type of furniture, it is necessary to follow certain steps for better results. With metal furniture, there is no difference except that you want the metal to look shiny and new for the most part. Making sure that you know the proper techniques and tips will turn cleaning and maintaining your custom metal furniture into an easy feat.

From wood to plastic, there are many different types of materials that you can choose from for your furniture, but metal will give you and your home a unique satisfaction that will provide style and personality. Extend your furniture life with these tips and avoid the costs of replacing some items.

Wipe Down the Metal

An easy everyday task is to wipe down your metal furniture to avoid dust accumulation, which is a big enemy of metal. This task doesn’t take much time, and it will benefit your house in both the short and long term. You can use a wet cloth for this or a brush, and make sure to always go from the top part down to avoid scratching the metal. If you follow these steps, the dust will fall right to the ground, and you can then clean it up.

Avoid Certain Products

Even though metal is a very strong and resistant metal, there are certain products that you should avoid that cause metal to deteriorate quickly. Acids, detergents, and even large amounts of water can cause some problems long term.

Corrosion is one of the main problems with metals, this happens as the result of chemical reactions between metal’s properties and other materials. You’ll need a wet cloth to ensure that your furniture stays fresh and clean.

Keep Them Dry

If your furniture gets wet or you live in an area with a lot of humidity, this could damage the metal on your furniture. Humidity is silent and deadly for metal, so make sure to keep it inside and dry as much as possible. This will prevent mold from appearing and taking over your items.

AC is a good way to keep your items dry and fresh. If you have plants near your furniture that sometimes leak water after you water them, make sure to move them somewhere else to avoid damage. Outdoor furniture has a different creating process, as it is more about managing the exterior than about bringing comfort and style.

Take Care of Rust

With time, rust will appear inevitable because it is a part of metals. Whenever you see rust developing, usually where metal intersects or where it touches other elements, scrub the area to remove it and stop it from spreading. If your furniture has paint over the metal, you can scrub the rust and then apply another coat of paint directly to that spot to make it look even.

Maintenance Checks

When you clean and wipe down your metal furniture, you can add a coat of liquid or paste wax to protect the metal in an organic way, so you can’t tell there is something over it. This will create a protective film that will avoid even dust from accumulating and damaging the metal.

Sometimes accidents will happen, especially when moving furniture around, as you could hit a side of the metal and chip it. Therefore, you should that everything is in optimal condition after you move your items around.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Whenever you get a custom metal furniture fabrication company to design and create your vision, they will provide you with information on the best practices to take care of your furniture. The vast variety of different options, like bed frames, dining room table legs, table pedestals, and more, all require a specific method of maintenance and care.

Some are more resistant depending on the amount of metal, and some require less attention. Either way, ask your supplier to provide you with maintenance best practices to ensure the long life and duration of your metal furniture.

Watch the Sunlight

When you expose metal and other materials to sunlight for long periods, they will slowly begin fading and losing some color. If your furniture gets a lot of sunlight, it is important to monitor the progression of color in the areas hit directly by the sun. It’s a good idea to move furniture around every once in a while to avoid the sun from hitting just one spot.

Flat Surface

Metal tends to bend with amounts of pressure. If you place your furniture on uneven floors or place something heavy on top, you need to check that the metal parts are not shifting or bending to avoid problems. Always keep your furniture on a sturdy flat surface on the floor, as having half a table over a rouge and half over the floor could sometimes cause some imbalances that weaken the metal.

Powder Coat

You can maintain your metal furniture with a powder coating, as this will prevent any debris and dirt from accumulating and protect it from sunlight. The only downside is that if it comes in contact with a lot of water or humidity, it will rust quicker than if it didn’t have the powder coating. So if you live somewhere dry and avoid anything other than a wet cloth, then this is a good option for you.

Order Quality

In general, metals are resistant and strong, but there are also different types of metals with different properties. Getting your furniture from a certified company with experience and knowledge is the best way to maintain your custom metal furniture. Higher-quality metals will last longer, especially the ones that are best for furniture, and specifically, items that get a lot of use.

Whenever you start shopping for custom-made furniture, make sure to ask for a catalog of items, and always read the reviews from each place or website. Experience and good work will always provide you with an added value that gives you the confidence to put your vision into someone’s hands.

Custom-made metal furniture has a unique style and function that will elevate the appeal of your home. This is a great way to reflect your personality, and taking care of your furniture will create a better experience for you and your family.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Custom Metal Furniture

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