How to Choose the Right Table Size

Whether you’re setting up your main dining room or putting in a new kitchen table, size will be one of the most important things to think about when you’re choosing a design. The last thing you want is to buy a table and realize that it’s way too big to fit comfortably. On the other hand, a table that’s too small to fit everyone comfortably will get frustrating in a completely different way. It’s worth it to take some time and do some measurements before you decide on a size. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right size table for any room in your home.

Total Floor Space

Even if you have a large house overall, the room you need the new table in might have space limitations that will inform your size decision. Do you have a bar in the room you’d like to have easy access to? Is there a buffet table against one wall that you need to leave enough space for? Calculating your usable floor space is the first step in finding out how big of a table you need. Remember that all that floor space can’t just be for the table, and that you need to consider the rest of your furniture, as well as thoroughfares for people to walk around it comfortably.

Number of People

An important thing to consider when choosing the right size table is how many people will use it on a regular basis. Obviously, you need the table to accommodate every member of your family, but you should also consider the other people who regularly sit at the table. Maybe your children bring friends over to eat fairly often, or you invite nearby family members over to hang out every weekend. These kinds of variables could mean that a larger table will actually suit your home better, even if your immediate family only has a few members.

Clearance Around the Table

The best rule of thumb to follow when it comes to clearance around the table is to have about three feet of space. Each side of the table should be about three feet away from the nearest thing in the room that also takes up walking space, whether that’s another piece of furniture or just the wall itself. By using these measurements, you can easily determine how large of a table that room can feasibly handle.

When you know how big a table you need and you want a custom metal table frame to make your table really pop, Econ Welding & Fabrication can turn your dream into reality! Call us today to discover what options you have available for your new table.

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