Wood or Metal Bed Frame

A nice, solid bed frame isn’t just useful for providing support to your bed; it can also be a huge aesthetic part of your bedroom. Many people struggle with deciding on a bed frame that they’ll enjoy for the long haul. It’s an investment, and if you’re planning to get a new one, it isn’t a decision to take lightly since you’ll likely have it for a long time. This article will go into the details of wood and metal bed frames and which one is right for you to give you a better idea of what will work better for your needs.

Size and Cost

If cost is a major factor in your decision, then the size of the bed frame itself matters quite a bit more. Smaller bed frames made of metal will usually cost you less than a comparable wooden bed frame. However, the larger your bed frame needs to be, the stronger the metal that it is made from needs to be as well. This can make larger metal bed frames more expensive and bring them closer in line to the price of wooden bed frames.

Sturdiness of Construction

Because larger metal bed frames use sturdier metal in order to hold the weight of the bed up, they tend to have the longest lifespans and can hold the most weight. Metal bed frames also boast a much higher resistance to accidental damage, such as something bashing into the frame. While wooden bed frames can sometimes hold more weight, they are more susceptible to damage over time from incidents and poor care.

Space Considerations

If you want to determine if a wood or metal bed frame is right for you, consider how much space you have to work with. Wooden bed frames are often bulkier and take up more of the space they occupy. On the other hand, metal bed frames usually have slimmer components, allowing you to use more of the space under and around the bed for other things.

Design Variety

In terms of design variety, a metal bed frame will give you more options. Customized wooden bed frames that aren’t very simple in their design can cost a lot more and take much longer to get. If you want a decorative bed frame for your bed, a metal frame gives you a little more flexibility in the shapes it can take, making it easier to match your bedroom’s aesthetics.

Econ Welding & Fabrication offers custom welded bed frames so you can enjoy the frame you’ve always dreamed of having for your bed. Call us today to get started on creating the bed frame that is perfect for you.

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